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The Avett Brothers, Tear Down the House  (via onlinebabe)

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I remember crying over you and I don’t mean a couple of tears and I’m blue. I’m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon.

Dulldrops (via nibr4shi)

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I was on fire
and you used me
to light your cigarette.


In the middle of most nights, when I can’t sleep I still replay you.

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'Blind' by Della Hicks-Wilson    (via heartnothate)

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To my daughter I will say,
‘See your beauty
without a compliment
or a mirror.’

Michelle K., People I Decided to Let Go (via aestheticintrovert)

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There are certain
that will always
taste like regret and
stomach acid
on my tongue.

Unknown  (via terrible)

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Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.
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